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35" - 39 " Tall
40" - 44" Tall
45" - 49"
50" and up

Console Pianos:

starting at:

All estimates are for moves in the local Raleigh, NC area and will be confirmed via telephone.

Additional charges:

$10.00 per step (no charge for 4 steps or less)
$25.00 - $75.00 steps that have landings or turns
$50.00 if an extra man is required
$30.00 - $50.00 for Cross Wake County Moves
$30.00 - external pedals (see images below)

external pedals
This means the base of the piano is much more narrow and will not sit well on a four wheel dolly. Additional blocking must be done to move this piano safely. We do not see many of these but they are out there
  normal pedals
Normal pianos, with a wider base, have only the pedals themselves sticking out past the base and sit securely on a four whell dolly. Most pianos are just like this one.

Out of County Moves must speak with me in person.

Frank Austin 919-264-1080