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is owned and operated by Frank Austin. We have moved over 24,000 pianos since 1974. Frank will supervise every move that this company will do. Some companies could send inexperienced piano movers and worry about the consequences later.

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We will treat your piano with the utmost care. There are many variables in moving pianos and I can assure you we have seen most all of them. Just taking the time to be "cautious and careful" is why we retain so many of our existing customers.

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Piano Movers Nightmare
Piano Movers Nightmare

Special note to other piano movers in the industry... Re: Samick Grand Piano Leg won't come off.

We have come accross this twice in our 24,000 plus piano moving career. For some reason, Samick designers thought it would be a good idea to make the mechanicism, that attaches the leg to some of their grand pianos, require an "outward" knock to remove the leg. Now some piano legs have various ways to remove them and most that have the metal insert slot and wedge (dog) system. These legs ALWAYS knock "inward" or sometimes "forward" or "backwards" but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER knocks "OUTWARD!!!" Very poor design and certainly designed by someone who never moved a piano. I am writing this so my fellow piano movers won't have to go through what I did in order to figure out this hidden puzzle. I was contacted by another piano mover just the other day and was able to tell him just what he needed to know. The standard Allen Wrench bolt is also right up against the base of the grand's belly making it hard to turn with the standard Samick tool. You have to take it out for every half turn. I say this because you only have to turn it a few turns before the leg will come off. You do not need to take it all the way out which takes forever given the close proximity to the base of the piano. This appears to be for the Samick SIG series only. There may be other models but, so far, all have been the SIG series.

Good luck!

Frank Austin

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